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About Us

Founded in 1904, Soper-Wheeler Company was the first California timber company to practice sustainable forestry, a substantial departure from that era’s cut-and-run practices.

The Company has always been run on the principle established by James P. Soper Jr. early on:

“When maximum profit goals appear to be in conflict with established conservation principals and sustained yield, then in all probability the profit projection needs re-examination.”

From that beginning, the company has managed its lands conservatively, providing for healthy forests, diverse habitat, long-term careers, sustainable forest products, and economic benefit to our local communities.

Soper-Wheeler is still family-owned today and practices sustainable forestry with a high standard of stewardship in ten California counties where we manage 97,000 acres of forestland.

Cottoneva Creek, Mendocino County

Cottoneva Creek, Mendocino County

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