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Education & Outreach

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UC Davis students on a Soper-Wheeler forest tour

Over the years we have made a commitment to responsible and sustainable forest management. A large part of that commitment has been in the form of research and field trials.

This has led to a better scientific understanding of issues at hand and has had a direct influence on our day-to day practices.

We take pride in how we manage our lands and part of that is educating people about what we do.

Below you’ll find a collection of relevant, informative articles on forestry and land management topics.

Harvesting cones from a rust-resistant Soper-Wheeler tree

Saving The Sugar Pine

Once threatened with extinction, Sugar Pines now have a fighting chance. Growing to heights of over 200 feet, Sugar Pines (Pinus lambertiana) are the tallest of the world’s 100 species of pine. Their large cones, often exceeding 12 inches in ...»
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