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New Zealand Redwood

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New Zealand Redwood Company forest, North Island

New Zealand Redwood Company forest

After much research and planning, Soper-Wheeler started planting Redwood forests in New Zealand in areas that had been taken over by invasive brush species in 2001.

Within thirty to forty years, these tracts of land that were previously written off as lost will become sustainable working Redwood forests, capable of producing the durable, stable and decorative wood that makes it the top choice for California foresters.

At the same time, these forests are already playing an important role in carbon sequestration. Rapid growth, longevity, and Redwood’s ability to sprout vigorously after harvest means Redwood forests can continuously produce large volumes of wood, and are therefore ideal for carbon sequestration.

Accomplishing this vision is challenging by any standards. When we started, there was much to learn in order to successfully establish commercial scale Redwood forests, and we established The New Zealand Redwood Company to do so.

Redwood branch with a flush of new growth

Redwood branch with a flush of new growth

The New Zealand Redwood Company has marked an important point in the history of forestry in New Zealand.  While Radiata Pine and Douglas Fir are commonly grown in New Zealand, Redwood as a commercial species had previously gone largely unnoticed by local foresters despite a number of small stands showing spectacular growth and form. The New Zealand Redwood Company is changing that.

Site selection, establishment regimes, and silvicultural practices were all largely unknown when we started in 2001. Over the years, we have collected a great deal of data and continue to focus our ongoing research on these areas.

Redwood plantlets ready for transfer into the next stage of propagation

Redwood plantlets ready for transfer into the next stage of propagation

Using a careful scientific approach, we have gained a great deal of knowledge and practical experience particular to New Zealand. Several significant New Zealand grown Redwood stands, some over 100 years old, continue to provide valuable local information.

Years of our own experimental results and ongoing Redwood propagation development in both California and New Zealand mean continual improvement to forestry and silvicultural techniques.

In addition to establishing our own forests, the New Zealand Redwood Company is committed to supporting other redwood growers. We believe that New Zealand has a great opportunity ahead and that all can benefit from an established New Zealand Redwood forestry industry.

For more infomation, please see our New Zealand Redwood Company website.

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