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Ranching & Recreation

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The Hedgpeth Ranch, Sonoma County

Soper-Wheeler has distinguished itself by purchasing cut-over timberland with the long-term goal of rehabilitating the land and practicing sustainable forestry.

In the process, the Company has diversified into ranching, vineyards, and coastal redwood lands as a result.

In several instances, Soper-Wheeler halted ongoing logging on newly-acquired properties so they could recover and provide a sustainable timber source in the future.

Responsibility and Stewardship comes with land ownership. We are actively engaged in ongoing noxious weed control, erosion management, and redwood forest reestablishment. In the last three years alone, we have voluntarily planted over 200,000 redwoods on coastal sites previously taken over by brush and weed species. We are committed to the land and to the ecosystem.

At the same time, we also have to contend with the negative realities of marijuana grows, poaching, dumping, timber and burl theft, vandalism, unauthorized fires, and off-road vehicle abuse.

The Pedotti Ranch, Sonoma County

In order to offset the costs of restoration projects while deterring these illegal uses, the Company implemented a long-term management policy in the 1960’s that calls for limited grazing, hunting, and recreation leases, supplemented with intermittent low-impact timber harvest. Revenues from these leases are reinvested back into restoration and management projects on the properties. The result of this long-term plan has been a net increase in standing timber and a direct benefit to forest, riparian, and coastal habitat.

This management plan has been successful to date and is similar to a peer-reviewed and published model in the University of California’s “California Agriculture” research journal.