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Coho Salmon Habitat Enhancement at the Old Maguire Ranch

Project Location Map

Project Location Map

June 2013, William Morrison, Coastal District Manager –

Since adoption of the Anadromous Salmonid Protection Rules in 2009, all Soper-Wheeler Timber Harvest Plans on coastal properties, include best management practices, road and crossing upgrades, and increased mitigations to restore and/or enhance habitat conditions for listed anadromous species.

In addition to these substantial efforts associated with our sustainable harvest operations, Soper-Wheeler has executed agreements with numerous conservation and watershed groups to improve fish passage and enhance stream habitat features on Soper Company properties within these coastal watersheds.

Previous watercourse improvement projects include House Creek, Pepperwood Creek, Cottaneva Creek, Dunn Creek, McMullen Creek, and the Upper Noyo River.

In addition to routine road maintenance and crossing improvements for 2013, several Coho habitat enhancement projects are beginning to be implemented on Soper Company properties.

Site 6 - after picture

Site 6 – after picture (facing downstream)

At Old Maguire Ranch, road relocation, bank stabilization, and TMDL reduction projects are currently being conducted for projects associated with the harvest plan for that area.  Additionally, we have been informed that the restoration grant submitted by California Conservation Corps and Soper-Wheeler Company, LLC in 2012 for Coho Habitat Enhancement on the Noyo River located on Soper Company properties has been awarded.

As part of the grant, large rootwads are currently being mobilized from our Camp 19 property and strategically placed near the Noyo River at the Old Maguire Ranch.  These rootwads and other wood features will be placed along segments of the Noyo Rover by the California Conservation Corps.  This effort combined with previous restoration efforts, current harvest plan road and crossing upgrades, and TMDL reduction projects will improve habitat features and conditions for Coho Salmon in the Upper Noyo River.

Another Coho habitat enhancement grant project on Soper Company properties was recently awarded as well for a restoration project submitted by the Eel River Watershed Improvement Group.

Site 10 - after picture

Site 10 – after picture (facing right bank)

This restoration grant will be implemented in 2013 for wood placement for Coho habitat enhancement along segments of Cottaneva Creek on Soper Company and Mendocino Redwood Company properties.  Several redwood wood segments and rootwads from Dunn Creek on company properties will be mobilized to segments along Cottaneva Creek for placement this summer.

The addition of this wood enhancement project for Cottaneva Creek, combined with the harvest plan road and crossing upgrades, and previous and current fish passage improvement projects located along the upper tributary, Dunn Creek, help contribute to the significant efforts being made to restore and enhance Coho habitat on company properties within this coastal watershed.

Attached pictures illustrate the efforts that were made by the California Conservation Corps for a wood enhancement project implemented in 2012 on Soper Company properties.  This project was located at the Old Maguire Ranch along McMullen Creek.

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