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Company Updates

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Debate Over “Hack & Squirt” Treatment

May 2015, Ryan McKillop, Inventory Forester- Excerpts from the Press Democrat: April 19, 2015 Glenda Anderson Potential Mendocino County Ordinance Would Seek to Limit Effective “Hack & Squirt” Vegetation Management Practice Mendocino County fire authorities have added their voices to ...»
Soper Company Shakespeare Mastication Project

Soper Company Awarded a CALFIRE Grant

March 2015, Ryan McKillop, Inventory Forester- On March 16, 2015, the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) awarded over $9.5 million in grants throughout the state for a variety of projects aimed at reducing the elevated threat ...»
Pizza dinner in the vineyard!

Hedgpeth Happenings – Spring 2015

March 2015, Sam and Shannon Torres, Hedgpeth Ranch Managers– We are so thrilled that the Anvil Vineyard and Ranch wedding season is starting early this year! Our typical wedding season is May through October, and this year we have two ...»
Fred and Mieko Radtkey's retirement party

Hedgpeth Happenings – Ranchers Retire

January 2015, Sam and Shannon Torres, Hedgpeth Ranch Managers – This article comes with mixed feelings as we announce the retirement of longtime rancher, Fred Radtkey, and his wife, Mieko. Fred has lived on the property for 71 years, since ...»

Managed Forest

November 2014, Ron Hague, Operations Manager – In the life of a managed forest, it all begins with a planted seedling in a site prepared area with adequate sunlight. After careful tending over the next twenty years, the plantation grows ...»

Thoughts Turn to Food as Season Winds Down

November 2014, Dan Herbster, Safety Manager – As the logging season winds down. The shop is making plans for winter repairs; parts are ordered and schedules are set.  This is all done along with the day to day repair and ...»

Record Year for Rust Resistant Sugar Pine Cone Collection

October 2014, Ryan McKillop, Inventory Forester – This year’s sugar pine cone collection season was one for the books. In August, we collected 335 bushels of cone from 31 of our 46 blister rust resistant sugar pines, with the help ...»
Two Stone Tree - April 1, 2008

Two Stone Tree

October 2014, Simon Rapley, General Manager – New Zealand Redwood Company – The New Zealand Redwood Company sold a large volume of trees in 2008 to a family wanting to grow redwood for future generations of the family. The owner ...»
"Love is Love-Pick a Seat Not a Side"

Hedgpeth Happenings

September 2014, Sam and Shannon Torres, Hedgpeth Ranch Managers – We have had a very busy summer season! In the past three months we have had six weddings, a family reunion, a college reunion, and a surprise birthday celebration. Everyone ...»
Tiger Cat Feller Buncher

Middle of the Season, And All is Well!!

September 2014, Dan Herbster, Safety Manager – Well, we are in the middle of the logging season and all is well;  other than oil changes and a few minor repairs to the fleet equipment.  Things are going great in the ...»
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