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2013 Harvest Operations

Logging operations have begun
Logging operations have begun

Logging operations have begun, and the loaders are busy on the landing.

May 2013, Ron Hague, Operations Manager –

The company logging crews have started up with a full season planned to harvest approximately 21 million board feet.

The mainside logging crew began the season at Ruff Hill and are presently logging on Empire Ridge.  They will move up to the Bradley and finish the year at Moorville Ridge.

The small crews started at the Soper Ranch and are now logging at the Arnold.  They will log the Aldacosia and then salvage log the west side tree farm.

The mainside will have a new man wagon, a Ford F250 crew cab for transporting the logging crew, chainsaws, rigging and fuel to the job site. This vehicle should arrive in a month or so.

Last year, our crew worked well together having a safe, productive and regulatory compliant logging season and we expect the same this year.

The shop worked very hard on all of our equipment doing preventive maintenance and other repairs to be ready for spring start-up.  To help with maintenance and repairs this season, our shop has replaced one of its service vehicles with a Ford F550.

Merle Ellis, Ford F550

Merle Ellis, Ford F550

This service truck will be much more efficient than the old service truck because we upgraded it to a heavier truck with a diesel engine and four wheel drive.

This vehicle will be equipped with the tools needed to do oil changes on heavy equipment and it is also mounted with a boom hoist with outriggers.

This winter, one of the mainside’s CAT 527 track skidders was rebuilt by Holt of California in their shop.  They rebuilt the engine, transmission and went through the hydraulic system including the grapple.

So far, everything seems to be running well, although there are always bugs that need to be worked out of every machine, new or rebuilt.

In the fall of 2012, an intense rain storm went through the Strawberry Valley area and resulted in excessive runoff and soil movement.  Many of the culverts and water bars in the Lost Creek Basin and the LaPorte area will require more maintenance than usual.  This work is progressing and repairs will be made before this winter.

We will be participating in our fire agreements with the Forest Service (USFS) and Cal-Fire again this year, fire shelter refresher training was accomplished in March.  Every year we prepare for an active fire season and we are thankful for a quiet fire season that we received last year.

With the improving timber market this year, our priority will be to  fill our contract volume, but we are prepared to respond to a fire threatening company lands in the Feather River ownership.

I look forward to another safe, productive year with the best people and equipment in the logging industry.


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