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Cattle on the Soper Ranch

Picturesque meadow at Soper Ranch
Picturesque meadow at Soper Ranch

Picturesque meadow at Soper Ranch

May 2013, Rick Cunningham, Lands Administrator –

With the Soper Ranch under a new cattle grazing lease, the property has never looked better.

We started by commissioning a independent assessment to determine the grazing capacity of the ranch, and to come up with a grazing plan along with best management practices that would best benefit the land and wildlife.

Our new contractor, Eric Prouty, has done a fantastic job of maintaining the property and implementing the plan, assuring that the meadows are not being over-grazed.

The fencing is getting upgraded to ensure that the roving and often curious creatures stay confined and do not wander out onto roadways or into our local resident’s flower patches. Eric has hired an assistant ranch hand, Luke, who can be seen throughout the property working on various projects.

Future projects will include additional water source upgrades to add to the current solar wells that are scattered over the property. This additional water  helps to spread the herd across the landscape, allowing for increased foraging and grazing. The water also has great benefit to the wildlife on the property. Since installing these watering holes, we have seen increased numbers of deer, bear, turkey, and multiple other species.

With a little assistance from our own master welder/fabricator, Rick Ketchersid, the cattle chute and corrals are also in much better shape than in years past. The new cattle loading chute should be there long after most of us are gone.

Cattle are an integral part of our sustainable plan for the ranch. When properly managed, their winter and spring grazing provides fuels reduction and weed management while producing high-quality grass-fed beef.

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