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What happens when forestry and leases conflict?

Structure at the Sierra Muzzle Loaders encampment
Another view of the Muzzle Loaders clubhouse after logging was complete

Another view of the Sierra Muzzle Loaders clubhouse after logging was complete

November 2013, Rick Cunningham, Lands Administrator –

Soper-Wheeler Company has a number of properties that are leased to clubs and individuals. At some point these leased areas could be on forest land that has been approved for a logging operation.

This year we experienced that situation.  The logging boundaries at New York Flat Road between Brownsville and Forbestown overlap the area that the Sierra Muzzle Loaders lease for their camp and shooting range.

To make sure we didn’t have a conflict on our hands, we notified the Sierra Muzzle Loaders of the upcoming logging operations. As luck would have it, there was a rendezvous event planned for this same time period as the logging operation was to commence.

Fortunately, we were able to accommodate the rendezvous event date and still get the logging operation underway with a lot of cooperation and coordination between the Sierra Muzzle Loaders and our contract logger Joe Jackson.

The day after the rendezvous, the Muzzle Loaders moved all of their targets scattered throughout the woods and stored them in a safe place to avoid any damage.

Joe Jackson and his logging crew then began the logging operation, and have done a fantastic job of avoiding the many structures and camp sites. Some of these sites are well established and have been used for many years.

Joe informed me that the only thing which may have sustained any damage were a couple of 55-gallon drums. The drums are kept on site and filled with water during the rendezvous events¬† in case of fire. The drums are easily replaceable, and the camps will have a new look the next time they’re used.

Overall, it was a fine job done by Joe Jackson, and thanks to a lot of cooperation from the club members, the logging operation was successful.


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