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Hedgpeth Happenings

Game room after renovation – new “pub” like appearance.

March 2013, Patrick Tremo, Hedgpeth Ranch Manager –

As of this writing we find ourselves in our “Off Season”- December through March, where we have only a handful of group rentals.  During this period we find plenty of work to do in preparation for the pending “Busy Season”. Upgrades, repairs, and renovations to all of the guest houses, cabins, fencing, and ranch staff houses consumes all of our time.

At least six to eight different couples come to the Ranch each week for site visits during this period to view the guest houses and grounds for their wedding venue.  Much of the increased interest is due to the January 2013 issue of Marin Magazine where the Hedgpeth (AKA The Anvil Vineyard and Ranch) are featured on page 50. The Ranch was very favorably shown as a destination wedding venue.

Back in 2008, the Hedgpeth Ranch guest and staff houses received much needed makeover work, all to be ready for our re-opening. In 2013, we find ourselves improving upon some of those past renovations as well as taking on new ones.

Upgrading some of the bedrooms with paint and new furniture has been a big part of our work this year, and we have a couple of projects going on in the Guest House.

The Guest House balcony needed immediate attention, so we got to work and it has come out looking beautiful. Knowing that it will be complete by mid-March 2013 for the wedding season is a big relief.

Guest house balcony after repairs, railings and paint come next.

Soon after couples are wed on the ranch, they often stand on that balcony to be introduced to their 100 or so guests standing below. In the balcony photo shown shown here, all that remains is re-installing the railings and painting the posts. The 70-year-old balcony now has a new lease on life and is completely waterproof.

Another renovation that has been on our list for quite some time was upgrading  the Game Room in the downstairs Guest House.

During weddings, the Game Room is converted into a temporary staging area by caterers to serve upwards of 150 guests. This area is  now much more functional, and when the caterers are done, it converts back into a pub-like game room for guests to enjoy a beverage and play games.

We still have all of March 2013 to finish up our projects before our “Busy Season” begins in April 2013. Since we are experiencing June weather in March we find ourselves already beginning work we usually don’t start until May.

Come out and visit us if you get the chance. Each time you come, you’re bound to see more improvements!

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