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Hedgpeth Happenings

Grapes on vines, fall colors.
Princess patrolling for foxes and other small animals.

Princess patrolling for foxes and other small animals.

December 2013, Sam and Shannon Torres, Hedgpeth Ranch Managers –

The wedding and rental season is now winding down here at Hedgpeth. What a great season! All of the weddings were just beautiful. A common word we heard from couples getting married here was “epic”.

We love that we could be a part of their special days. We’ve also enjoyed meeting all of the groups that have come to the ranch, including corporate retreats and family/friend reunions.  Quite a few groups come to celebrate milestone birthdays; 30th, 40th, 50th, etc.

In October 2013, we adopted a 9 month old chocolate lab!  Her name is Princess, and she is a wonderful addition to the ranch. We used to have a problem with pesky foxes around the houses, but not anymore! Princess is a watchful dog, and she is also great with people. Everyone loves her.

Family and friends at the "crush".

Friends and family at 2013 crush.

The vineyard harvest also known as “Crush” happened in October. Dan Kruger, his family, and friends came to pick grapes, and we joined in.  What a fun experience to be a part of!

A couple months ago, The ‘Days with Zahrah’ show on ABC7, came to the ranch to interview us and spotlight the ranch as a destination vacation rental/wedding venue.  The episode aired on Sunday, December 8, 2013!

You can watch the video below, and make sure to check us out on the Days with Zahrah Show website.

Now we are gearing up for winter. There are endless projects to work on, and hopefully we will have the major ones done before weddings pick up again next year.  We already have 17 weddings booked for 2014!


Vineyard at the Hedgpeth Ranch

Vineyard at the Hedgpeth Ranch

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