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Hedgpeth Happenings

Hedgpeth Ranch main house
The Parmeters have done an excellent job leveling out the dirt into two levels. There is going to be a bocce ball court, horseshoes, and badminton. There will also be benches and picnic tables for guests.

An excellent job of leveling out the old road below the houses. There is now room for a bocce ball court, horseshoes, and badminton; as well as benches and picnic tables for guests.

March 2014, Sam and Shannon Torres, Hedgpeth Ranch Managers –

The low-season here at the Ranch has proven to be very busy! We have a lots of projects going on, as well as quite a few groups vacationing here in the winter months. They don’t mind the weather; the property is still absolutely beautiful. We’ve also had numerous site visits from newly engaged couples looking to get married either this year, or even 2015.  Many couples that are getting married later this year have been visiting again to have some logistic planning meetings. We can feel the excitement in the air!

New for this year, we’re offering party rentals: chairs, tables, cocktail tables, heat lamps, sound equipment, speakers, microphones, etc. We are thrilled that we can now offer these rental items for events.

Besides guests coming to the property, we also had a visit from Soper-Wheeler’s very own redwood expert, Bill Morrison. He came with a whole team to plant 27,197 redwood trees. It is amazing to know that we have one of the largest and oldest Redwood trees in Sonoma County on the property (over 900 years old), and we now also have these little redwood trees, that are only about a foot and a half tall.

Bill Morrison and the planting crew, planting redwood seedlings.

Bill Morrison and the planting crew, planting redwood seedlings.

Since safety is our number one priority, we want to make sure we are up to date with our disaster preparedness plans. We invited the Annapolis Fire Chief to come have a tour of the property. Two sheriff’s deputies and almost a dozen firefighters from various nearby agencies also attended. We will be working with them to make sure our roads are clearly marked, and that we know what to do in case of an emergency.

We’re excited about the projects that we’re working on for 2014.  There will be a new a game area in the lower field below the Main House and Guest House. We’ve leveled out the old road there and now have room for a bocce ball court, horseshoes, and badminton; as well as benches and picnic tables for guests.

Finished product - sanded, stained and sealed

Finished product – sanded, stained and sealed.

Another project that we just completed is refurbishing the big redwood slab table featured in our middle courtyard. It’s a great setting for meals and visiting, but it has always been anchored to the spot. After a reception, most groups like to use the middle courtyard for dancing, so the big table really limited the space.

Our resident carpenter, Lupe, designed and built a very attractive and sturdy frame so not only does it look gorgeous, we can now move it when the band strikes up. It has been sanded, stained, sealed, and turned out beautiful.

The White Cabin near the vineyard has also gotten a facelift. It now features a a new metal roof and several internal improvements that make it a favorite place for our hunting club members to stay.

We are currently getting the houses and grounds ready for the wedding season, which starts next month, and have many more projects on our list!

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