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Hedgpeth Happenings

"Love is Love-Pick a Seat Not a Side"
"Love is Love-Pick a Seat Not a Side"

“Love is Love-Pick a Seat Not a Side”

September 2014, Sam and Shannon Torres, Hedgpeth Ranch Managers –

We have had a very busy summer season! In the past three months we have had six weddings, a family reunion, a college reunion, and a surprise birthday celebration. Everyone has thoroughly enjoyed their time here on the ranch, from BBQing, hiking, taking an afternoon trip to the lake, and celebrating gorgeous weddings.

We received some wonderful kind words from a few of the guests from this summer:

So many memories!  I was fortunate enough to be able to hold my annual vacation with my best friends from college here.  We have been meeting yearly for 11 years now and this trip was by far the best one yet.  My only regret was that the trip wasn’t long enough.

The private lake was awesome!  Bring floaties and enjoy the sun and the surroundings.  In fact one of the days down at the lake we saw a Bald Eagle.  The Main and Guest Houses were huge and we came with 18 people.  There are so many large tables for dinner; we never had dinner in the same place twice.  In fact for our final dinner we enjoyed the Dinner Table in the Little Vineyard.  We had a heat lamp brought down there so it never got too cold.  The strands of little lights really added to the beauty of an already picture perfect setting.

Princess, the property managers’ dog was super friendly.  She is a playful puppy about 2 years old.  She played very well with the dog we brought, which was a much smaller dog.

The Property Managers are a really great couple by the name of Sam and Shannon.  They were so great, they really added to our experience. On the first day Shannon and Sam introduced themselves to us and were pretty much out of sight the rest of the trip unless we needed them.  Sam was able to give us the historical significance of the property and the owner.  They had a great understanding of the land and were very helpful with any questions and accommodating with any requests we had.

I would go back to Anvil Ranch in a second.  Hopefully Sam and Shannon still work/live there.

Reception Goodies

Reception Goodies for Steph and Bronwyn’s Wedding


From a June bride:

We had a magical, romantic, beautiful wedding up at Anvil, and Sam and Shannon were seamlessly and joyfully woven into the fabric of the production in a way that enriched our celebration more than we could have imagined. They are both such gems, kind thoughtful, hard-working, dedicated, fun folks, and so fully there to support the event and all those involved. I have zero critiques or complaints, only praises and profuse thank yous. We are so lucky to know them, and to have found Anvil. The property really is a spring of beauty and nature while still completely accommodating all event-related needs. Our guests were comfortable and relaxed, freed up to enjoy their time there and focus on the wedding. It was perfect (even in it’s imperfections) and we couldn’t have dreamed up a more extraordinary experience than what Anvil, Sam and Shannon helped us to create. Thank you, thank you, thank you!



Cowboys in action!

Cowboys in action!

Rounding up cows with Fred and Harold

Sam had the opportunity to round up cows with Fred Radtkey, long-time Hedgpeth cattle rancher, and his son, Harold. What an experience!

New hot tub

We were fortunate enough to replace our old hot tub with a brand new hydrotherapy spa! The Paradise H2 has 6 seats and 2 lounge seats, each with different jet designs. Ergonomically placed massage jets aimed at specific trigger points, from your head to toes, release tension from muscle groups, relaxing your body. As hydrotherapy relaxes your body, stress is relieved, relaxing your mind. Come visit and unwind with family and friends, immersed in a setting of total relaxation.

Launch of new website

We have been working very hard on the re-launch of our new website. Complete with a new logo, designed by Gary Rasmussen. We have updated the history page, added photos, added our reservation calendar, and in general improved the site. You can check it out here: www.anvil-ranch.com

Sandra and Shannon at the Sonoma & Napa Wedding Show

To increase our social media presence, besides Facebook, we have also started an Instagram account! You can follow us @anvilvineyardandranch

Sonoma & Napa Wedding Show

Now is the perfect time for brides to start booking their venues for next year! We participated in the Sonoma & Napa Wedding Show in early September. We had a great time meeting brides and telling them about Anvil Ranch!

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