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Hedgpeth Happenings – June 2014

Site of the first May wedding of the year

Place settings for the reception.

June 2014, Sam and Shannon Torres, Hedgpeth Ranch Managers –

Wedding season has begun! Our first wedding of the year was in April.

What a gorgeous event it was, with the ceremony site and surrounding hills a breathtaking spring green. The ceremony was over the Easter weekend, so the groom’s father, a minister, conducted both the wedding and an Easter Service at the Circle of Nature.

This was followed by two weddings in May, that couldn’t have been any more different!

The first wedding  had a country theme, complete with hay bales and square dancing with a live band. The couple as well as most of the guests were all Peace Corps alumni.

The second wedding was a cultural mix of Mexican and Italian-Indian. They chose a Mariachi – Salsa Band, complete with a dance floor with awesome lighting that change colors.

We’ve renovated the courtyard to make the area easily convertible into a dance floor.  The courtyard features a beautiful slab redwood table, but thanks to the carpentry and construction skills of our vineyard staff, the slab table can now be moved to make way for the dance floor.

Preparation for these weddings takes a considerable amount of time getting the houses and grounds ready. A winter full of projects and upgrades has now been completed, and the site is now looking great!

Maintenance hasn’t been limited to the houses. The yearly task of removing cattail reeds at the lake to comply with regulatory requirements was also needed. Rather than doing it all by hand, this year Sam, the Ranch Manager, and Luis, the Vineyard Manager, put together a contraption to pull the weeds with the tractor, saving a lot of time and effort.

Photo credit: Jonathan and Brenda’s Wedding Photos are by: Gretchen Gause Photography


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