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Hedgpeth Happenings

Sam and Shannon Torres, Hedgpeth Ranch Property Managers
Sam and Shannon Torres, Hedgpeth Ranch Property Managers

Sam and Shannon Torres, Hedgpeth Ranch Property Managers

September 2013, Sam and Shannon Torres, Hedgpeth Ranch Managers –

Please let us introduce ourselves, Sam and Shannon Torres, as the new Managers of Anvil Vineyard and Ranch on the Hedgpeth!  We are so excited to be here.  We started in June- right in the middle of the busy season!

Our introduction to the Ranch was through former manager, Patrick Tremo. Our first visit was to help cater an event, and we fell in love with the place at first sight. When Patrick made the big decision to move on, he called us up to see if we were interested in taking over. Needless to say, we accepted!

Fortunately, we were able to work some events with Patrick before he left to help learn the ropes.  Since then we’ve had a couple weddings, corporate retreats, and private get-togethers.

Filming 'A Day With Zahrah'

Filming ‘A Day With Zahrah’

Featured on TV

Word is getting out about how amazing the Anvil Vineyard and Ranch is!  At the end of August, the TV show, ‘Days with Zahrah’, with KRON4, came for a visit.

Zahrah wanted to showcase how wonderful the Anvil Ranch is for a retreat or wedding venue. We showed her around, made pizzas in the wood-fired pizza oven, ate lunch at the table in the middle of the little vineyard, and had a lot of fun in the process. We are looking forward to watching it soon! The episode will air sometime in October- the program runs Sundays at 1pm.

"Beef Master" on the patio!

“Beef Master” on the lawn!

Unexpected Incident

Unbelievably, one of the big bulls on the ranch, affectionately known as “The Beef Master” along with quite a few of his cows jumped the brick retaining wall in front of the Main House. They proceeded to destroy the lawn, our newly-planted flower beds, and the irrigation system.  Cattle had never jumped the wall before, but since the grass is always greener on our lawn, this new trick set a really bad precedent.

Of course this happened only a few days before a big wedding event- we needed to replace the lawn ASAP!

Leveling and replacing the sod for the lawn.

Leveling and replacing the sod for the lawn

To prevent further “stupid cow tricks”, we had to build a higher wall. After accomplishing this, we needed to replace the sod. The front lawn originally had a slope to it, so we leveled it out to meet the new wall height. Now we’ll be able to fit more tables on the lawn for wedding receptions.

A big hats off to vineyard manager Jesús Cardenas and his crew who worked tirelessly with us to get the wall extension and lawn in place before our guests arrived!

Anvil Online

We are updating Anvil’s Facebook page with new photos. Please visit and become a fan. We are also working on a new dedicated website- it’s a new look and is quite exciting! We’ll keep you posted!

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