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International Silviculture- Coast Redwood

Dan Kruger & Simon Rapley observing growth characteristics of varying redwood cultivars at Okota Forest
Well stocked redwood stand at Okota Forest

Well stocked redwood stand at Okota Forest

March 2012, Simon Rapley, General Manager-New Zealand Redwood Company  and William Morrison,  Coastal District Manager-

Recently, Dan Kruger and William Morrison met up with Simon Rapley to visit the NZRC properties located on the North and South Islands of New Zealand to observe the performance of the redwood growing stock (sequoia sempervirens) which has been successfully planted within the last few years.

Previous visits of Soper-Wheeler staff to New Zealand and The New Zealand Redwood Company’s staff visits to California has proven to be a beneficial platform for the exchange of information and continued discussions of optimizing value and enhancing silvicultural techniques while growing redwood trees in New Zealand as well as California. There are many important considerations in growing a timber crop outside of its natural range to cost effectively produce wood that will be accepted by future markets.

During this visit to New Zealand, continued discussions revolved around propagation techniques, redwood cultivar selection, and redwood cultivar performance ratings. The examination of variables which influence optimum results in the preliminary phases of reforestation is essential to a successful silvicultural regime.

Examination of vegetation management tools and methods utilized both in New Zealand and California continues to increase our understanding of tolerance and efficacy while growing a sequoia crop. Some herbicides are available in New Zealand but not in California and vice versa.

Other discussions that occurred throughout the trip focused on the components of management strategies for pruning, stand density, and obtaining a high quality value product for the future.

The dissemination of this information is essential to both The New Zealand Redwood Company and to Soper-Wheeler Company, LLC for achieving a successful international redwood program.

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