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Little-Side Logging Crew 2014 Update

Little Side Logging
Little Side Logging

Our logging season has begun.

April 2014, Scott Worden, Soper-Wheeler Company Forester –

Our “Little-Side” is made up of two two-man crews. Bob Waddell, Jessie McCutcheon, Ed Hecker  and John Moak work our little side, and have started the 2014 logging season. This year they will be working at the Finley, Miller, and Robinson Dry Creek properties.

These locations are all part of our Early Empire sale.  Robert Reiswig and Morris McCutcheon will be driving company trucks and getting the logs to the mills that our two small crews produce.

This is Jessie’s second year on our little side crew, having joined his father Morris and brother Derick at Soper-Wheeler last year. Having Jessie teamed up with Bob has been great.

Eventually we’ll break off one of the two-man crews to go salvaging. Salvage logging targets dead and dying trees for removal. Going after salvage keeps tree-killing bugs and other pathogens from spreading into epidemics that cause large-scale damage to our forests.

The salvage operation will start in the low country and work up in elevation following the dying timber.  Because of the lack of rainfall and snowpack, many trees are stressed already, which leaves them open to pathogen attack.

Based on  the way the Ponderosa pine trees have been dying all winter, we expect to have a big salvage year .  Our plan is to go after as much of it as we can to keep our forests healthy.

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