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Preventative maintenance – time well spent!


Morris McCutcheon is on his way to the mill, after Merle and Jim get his light problem fixed.

November 2013, Dan Herbster, Safety Manager –

As fall turns into winter, the shop will shift the focus to preventative maintenance.  Preventative maintenance is a large part of preparing for the upcoming season.

When the logging operations end in the woods, it is then time to perform annual maintenance on all of the vehicles, trucks and heavy equipment.  This is an ongoing cycle of service maintenance that keeps things running smoothly.

Pictured below is the shop’s staff working on a variety of mechanical problems:  Merle is working on the Power Takeoff unit from the multi-duty utility truck.

This truck has worked all summer as a water truck, and is now being set up as a dump truck for some end-of season road work.

Jim is repairing a hose reel from the service truck, while Rick is doing some repairs on the gooseneck trailer.

Of course, no day would be complete without the unexpected repairs – Morris McCutcheon stopped at the shop on the way to the mill with a problem with the trailer lights.  Both Merle and Jim quickly solve this problem and he is on his way.

Minor repairs like this may not seem like a lot, but doing so keeps us working safely, with our equipment in top shape, and minimizes downtime during the logging season.

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