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Recreation on Soper Company Lands

Sierra Muzzle Loaders Camp
Sierra Muzzle Loaders Club House

Sierra Muzzle Loaders Clubhouse

August 2013, Rick Cunningham, Lands Administrator –

When you think of Soper Company lands, you think of landscapes, standing timber, and panoramic forest views.

While this is true, actually there are many uses that occur on company lands ranging from hunting, fishing, boating, gold panning, camping, hiking, sightseeing, exploring of caves and historic sites. Outside organizations also use Soper Company lands.

The Sierra Muzzle Loaders are one such group. Members reenact history by dressing in period clothing from the seventeen and eighteen hundreds, setting up teepees, and shooting old-style cap and ball muskets. Such events are known as rendezvous.

The Sierra Muzzle Loaders’ clubhouse is set up like an old trading post and during rendezvous they draw in a couple hundred members that camp and enter into various events. “Hawk and Knife” contests are held where contestants throw knives and tomahawks for scores. My favorite is the moonshine judging contest.

Cougar Mountain Archery Range

Cougar Mountain Archery Range

A similar type organization, the Cougar Mountain Archers, have an archery course set up on the Cummings Ranch property. They hold numerous archery shooting events there annually.

However, recreation needs to be carefully managed. Thoughtless dumping of garbage and destruction of property are some of the challenges we face from people seeking recreation on Soper Company lands.

So for the sake of all, let’s remember these wonderful spots, enjoyable activities, and continue to be vigilant in keeping them secure and pristine for generations to come.

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