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Whirlwind Trip Accomplishments

Magnificant views of the Hedgpeth Ranch
1964 Jeep delivered to the Hedgpeth Ranch

1964 Jeep delivered to the Hedgpeth Ranch

September 2013, Dan Herbster, Safety Manager –

Rick and Dan’s road trip- a total of over 550 miles with short stops at the Hedgpeth Ranch, the Dry Creek area-outside of Healdsburg, then onto Camp 19 and back to Strawberry Valley

It proved to be quite a long day… but we certainly got a lot done.  The focus of the trip was to return the 1964 Jeep that Soper Wheeler’s shop has been working on, to the Hedgpeth Ranch, then pick up a pump and deliver it to Camp 19.

We were on quite a tight schedule – stopping at the Hedgpeth Ranch to deliver the Jeep at 7 A.M. after the first 250 mile leg, Sam Torres, our new Ranch Manager was excited to receive the Jeep. It will make travel on the Ranch much easier; we had a few minutes and took a quick tour.

After the tour we headed to the Dry Creek area outside of Healdsburg to look at an irrigation pump for Camp 19.  We arrived early and were able to look over the pump before the seller and his crew arrived. 

The irrigation pump is propane fueled, 319 cid engine driving a Berkley 4 X 5 pump.  The seller and his crew arrived and started the pump – it checked out to be in good working order.  By noon the pump was loaded and we were on the way to Camp 19.

We arrived at Camp 19 at 2 P.M. after a quick 80 mile jaunt – we quickly unloaded with Ray Perkins’ help using the new tractor, then started on the 200 mile trip back to Strawberry Valley and completing the road trip.

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