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Video: Sugar Pine Cone Collection

September, 2011 – Dan Kruger, President

– We just collected cones from our rust-resistant Sugar Pines. We harvest the cones before they open, catalog them, and ship them to the Sugar Pine cooperative, where rust-resistant seed is propagated and planted back into forests. This video shows how we harvest the cones without harming the tree.

White pine blister rust once threatened Sugar Pines with extinction. In the early 1900′s, the non-native fungal disease was accidentally introduced to North America. The pathogen quickly spread, killing off tens of thousands of Sugar Pines and threatening extinction of the species.

By the late 1980’s a screening test for resistant trees was discovered, and Soper-Wheeler helped form a cooperative with other timberland owners and began collecting cones from likely candidates.

Today we plant a genetically diverse supply of rust-resistant sugar pine seed in our mixed-conifer regeneration sites, ensuring the future of the Sugar Pine for future generations to come.

For more information on the program, see our Saving The Sugar Pine page.

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