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Welcome to the new website!

The new home page designJanuary 2012 – Dan Kruger, President –

After much planning and work, we’ve just gone live with a completely new website design. I’m pretty pleased with what we’ve done so far and I’d like to give you a quick tour.

Returning visitors to our website have undoubtedly noticed a big change. On our new Home Page, we’ve showcased photos of company lands while simplifying navigation. We take pride in our long-term commitment to our lands and I think these photos really show it.

The “About Us” menu is divided into several sub-menus that detail our history, our principles, and what we do. We can add new posts to several of these pages, and we plan to continue updating them as we go along.

Meanwhile, your questions about the “Jill Poke” company newsletter have not gone unnoticed. The “Company Updates” page is the new home of the Jill Poke. We’ve gone to an all-electronic blog format that makes it much easier for us to write, add photos, edit, and distribute company news than the PDF and physical versions that we’ve had in the past. An added bonus of the new format is that it allows us to post videos. We’ve already posted a few in the Jill Poke as well as other parts of the website.

We also thought you’d like notices when we update our pages, so on the “Company Updates” page you can subscribe, and you’ll get an email when we update the website. No one likes email spam, so we don’t share subscriber email addresses with third parties, and we’ve designed it so you can easily unsubscribe at any time.

While on the topic of news, often we run across items in the media about topics that directly impact us or have to do with land management and public policy. We’ve added the “News Clips” page to share these types of stories.

Much of our planning and operations are centered around weather, and during wildfire season the latest information is often critical. Our Fire and Weather pages aggregates this information from multiple sources into a single location for easy access.

I’d like to thank Greg Delorey and Kimberly Powell at Matson & Isom Technology Consulting in Chico for all the work they’ve done to build this site from concept to execution, and to everyone at Soper-Wheeler who has contributed to the project.

We hope you enjoy the new site!



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