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Winemaking on the Hedgpeth

Patrick and Christian Tremo crushing grapes

December, 2010 – By Patrick Tremo –

Crushing grapes

Crushing grapes

Dan Kruger has spearheaded the movement toward vinting a portion of the Soper Vineyard harvest here on the ranch to showcase the quality of the fruit we produce. Last October, we crushed and pressed a sample ton of our premium grapes. All progressed well and currently, the equivalent of nearly 750 bottles of wine is aging in two barrels below the caretaker house in the old walk-in cooler.

During the first two weeks of active fermentation, every room of the caretaker house was filled with the sweet smell of Cabernet Sauvignon – always a surprise when you first wake up in the morning. Once this wine is bottled and aged in approximately two to three years, the goal will be to provide it to potential buyers of the grapes from our 60 acre Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard. So far, barrel tastings indicate that we’re right on track for a great bottle of wine!

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