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Forestry, land management, and public policy in the news

Governor’s Fire Tax Is Unfair To Taxpayers

FlashReport – Assemblywoman Kristin Olsen – August 3, 2011. Governor Jerry Brown recently signed a measure that directs the state to collect a tax up to $150 per structure on buildings located in “State Responsibility Areas.” These areas are located ...»

‘Intense’ thinning minimizes wildfire risks — USDA study

8/2/2011 — Greenwire — The Leader in Energy & Environmental Policy News. The United States can minimize the risk of severe wildfires in dry Western forests by thinning them to no more than 100 trees per acre, according to a ...»

Great gray owls make home on timber firm’s land

San Francisco Chronicle, Sunday, July 31, 2011 Sacramento — Flip through a field guide to western birds and you’ll discover the great gray owl occupies the narrowest of ecological niches in California: dense conifer forests next to moist mountain meadows. ...»

More homeowners at risk in Sierra fires

The Fresno Bee, Sunday, Jul. 31, 2011 Fifty years ago, three sparsely populated Madera County foothill towns were destroyed by one of the fastest-moving fires ever recorded. The Harlow fire roared through Ahwahnee, Nipinnawassee and Oakhurst — which then had ...»
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