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Soper-Wheeler Not Developing Yuba County Lands

Picturesque meadow at Soper Ranch
Soper-Wheeler Lands in Yuba County South of Brownsville

Soper-Wheeler Lands in Yuba County South of Brownsville

Appeal-Democrat and Territorial Dispatch – May 8, 2014

To the constituents of Yuba County’s 5th District:

You may have received a letter from Hal Stocker, our incumbent 5th District supervisor, stating “Soper-Wheeler has designated some 5,200 acres of land for residential development.”

This statement is untrue. Soper-Wheeler Company is not proposing residential development in Yuba County.

Had Stocker checked, he would have found that Soper-Wheeler is in the process of withdrawing its eight-year-old application for rezoning referred to in his letter.

Soper-Wheeler is a fourth-generation family-owned company in Stocker’s district. Our primary business is sustainably planting, growing and harvesting timber. We have been doing so in Yuba County for 110 years, and plan to continue doing so for the foreseeable future. When we applied for the rezoning in 2006, the idea was to create a very limited number of high-quality agricultural/residential parcels surrounded by open space where people could enjoy living and recreating in the Sierra foothills.

The reality is Yuba County is at 14.7% unemployment, its schools have been rated in the bottom 5% of California, and many of Stocker’s 5th District residents don’t have access to high-speed Internet, reliable ambulance service, or cell phone coverage. Accordingly, there is little demand for residential parcels. The recently announced closure of the Brownsville branch of Gold Country Bank is yet further evidence which supports our decision to shelve the effort.

We find it troubling Stocker would write a letter to his constituents claiming Soper-Wheeler is intent on causing over-population and depletion of water supply in his district when this is clearly not the case, nor has it ever been.

David B. Westcott, CEO

Daniel G. Kruger, President

Paul A. Violett, Vice President

Soper-Wheeler Company
Strawberry Valley

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