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Stewardship Projects

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Poorman Creek, Nevada County

Poorman Creek, Nevada County

Stewardship is a resource management ethic that focuses on actively conserving resources and creating habitat in the interest of long-term sustainability. We often cooperate with organizations, communities, and others in order to achieve these goals.

Below you’ll find some examples of projects we’ve recently worked on.


Marysville High's Forestry Challenge team

Soper-Wheeler Coaches Forestry Challenge Students

October 2013, Ryan McKillop, Inventory Forester – Recently, Soper-Wheeler helped coach five students from Marysville High School for the 2013 Shasta Forestry Challenge. The Forestry Challenge is a competitive event for high school students that encompasses technical forestry and current ...»

Coho Salmon Habitat Enhancement at the Old Maguire Ranch

June 2013, William Morrison, Coastal District Manager – Since adoption of the Anadromous Salmonid Protection Rules in 2009, all Soper-Wheeler Timber Harvest Plans on coastal properties, include best management practices, road and crossing upgrades, and increased mitigations to restore and/or ...»
Upper Crossing from the upstream side after construction

Dunn Creek Fish Passage Project

January 2012 – Bill Morrison, Coastal District Manager – We just successfully finished up on a multi-year project to enhance fish passage and create new habitat on our lands in Mendocino County. Dunn Creek is a tributary to the North ...»
Adit #1 treatment cell with underground leach field

Spanish Mine Water Quality Remediation Project

December 2011 – Rick Cunningham, Lands Manager – Located in Nevada County  near the small town of Washington, Spanish Mine  was originally a gold mine founded in the late 1800’s during the Gold Rush. Over the years, the mine changed ...»
After: bridge installed

Replacing Culverts with Bridges

The winter of 2010-2011 brought record precipitation to northern California. Coastal cities were without power for days as trees fell on transmission lines and roads washed out preventing access. Soper-Wheeler was impacted by the storms as well. One of our ...»
Pulling down concrete on Upper House Creek dam

House Creek Restoration

House Creek is in the Gualalla River watershed of Sonoma County. It was historically dammed for irrigation use by ranchers in the 1940’s. In 2009 in conjunction with the California Department of Fish and Game, Soper-Wheeler opted to remove two ...»
Soper-Wheeler's "Wildhog" NSTIA test plot 2 years after planting

North Sierra Tree Improvement Association

In 1974, private timberland owners and scientists from the University of California met in Redding with the goals of better forest growth, decreased seedling mortality, and lower forest disease while preserving and protecting the genetic base of Ponderosa Pine. Soper-Wheeler ...»
Harvesting cones from a rust-resistant Soper-Wheeler tree

Saving The Sugar Pine

Once threatened with extinction, Sugar Pines now have a fighting chance. Growing to heights of over 200 feet, Sugar Pines (Pinus lambertiana) are the tallest of the world’s 100 species of pine. Their large cones, often exceeding 12 inches in ...»
Solar panel installation

Sun Power in Sonoma County

Early in 2011, we installed solar panels at the Company’s Hedgpeth Ranch in Sonoma County. They went online in March, and supply approximately 90% of our year-round electrical needs for the 3 guest houses and the caretaker house. This isn’t ...»
Finishing installation

Creating Fish Habitat in the Upper Noyo River

Beginning in 2010, Soper-Wheeler worked in conjunction with the California Conservation Corps, California Department of Fish and Game, and NOAA to improve fish habitat on the Upper Noyo River in Mendocino County. The project was run by the CCC on Soper-Wheeler ...»
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